Max Shores_webHi, I’m Max Shores and I created Tuscaloosa Web back in 1995. Yahoo was young then and Google didn’t even exist. I was learning how to create web pages and Tuscaloosa Web became my pet project. I’ve lived in Tuscaloosa for most of my life and I wanted to create a web site that would help people find information about the city and surrounding areas.

The Internet has changed a lot since then but I have kept Tuscaloosa Web going through the years because it continues to be used by people searching for information about Tuscaloosa. My philosophy has remained the same through the years… I do not charge for links in Tuscaloosa Web. If you would like for me to link to your Tuscaloosa related website, use the contact form to send me your web address and I will add a link to your site. I also appreciate any comments or suggestions from people who use Tuscaloosa Web.

Sincerely yours,
Max Shores